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About Us


A Proud, Veteran-owned Business...

Both Frank and April served their country proudly in the Armed Forces. Frank worked as a fuel systems mechanic in the Air Force and continued his craft while working at Erickson Aircrane where he met his wife, April. Frank has worked in the construction industry for about 10 years, to include lab manager of Materials Testing Consulting in Olympia. April was a Supply Specialist/Armorer in the Army and later graduated from PLU with a Bachelors in Business Administration. In addition to helping her husband with this business, she is a VSO and volunteers with groups that focus on helping homeless and poverty-stricken veterans.  


Custom and Creative for Those Special Spaces

 Frank's creative skills became apparent when we remodeled our rec room and living room. The stools are from a bar where family played senior pool, the bar top was leftover flooring with coasters from my years stationed in Germany and other special places, and the shelving was simple pipe and glass. Installing a keg with two-taps was needed for the family with 2 favorite teams.  


No job too big or small...

Just let Frank know what you want, your budget and your timeframe. He created an amazing craft space/office/exercise space for me. It doesn't have to be a huge project to have huge results! Start off with a little improvement, and then add to it when you are ready. I love my upstairs space BUT when we took out the wall between the kitchen and living room and he installed an amazing two-tier bar/conversation piece, it became almost as much of a centerpiece of our home as the fireplace! (see below)